Chair S.16

CODE B1.70.05

The S16 by Galvanitas, the ultimate 60s school chair. This chair was immensely popular, this model seated an entire generation of Dutch students. And comfortably so. Thanks to its minimalist design and industrial look the chair has gained renewed popularity. The S16 by Galvanitas is a true classic which complements current trends in interior design.

The chair was designed and produced by Galvanitas in Oosterhout in the late 50s, early 60s. They chose a design with the typical compass legs. Instead of the usual tubular structure, the designer decided to go for a pressed steel frame. This resulted in a remarkably solid and revolutionary design for that time. Wim Rietveld, one of the pioneers in the field of industrial design in the Netherlands, described the furniture as functional: ‘great shape, sturdy, practical and inexpensive’.

The S16 was specially designed for heavy use in public buildings, including schools, institutions and canteens. Galvanitas is (still) known for their quality and solidity. The seat and back, produced in West-Germany, are the paragon of German ‘gründlichkeit’. Top quality indeed.

The chair became a popular style icon of the upcoming industrial Dutch style. To this day it’s a sought-after design classic, both within the Netherlands and internationally. No wonder, this chair brings the perfect ‘urban industrial’ touch to any interior. It’s excellently suited for bar or restaurant use, while looking stunning in a home interior as well. Dutch industrial design at its best.

Technical specifications

seat and backrest                                                 metal frame

Standard PAG-wood                                    Standard color frame (powdercoat)


Press here for the standard versions.


Galvanitas dimensions